Wonders of Haridra


Recently a friend of mine bought her toddler over.

He bumped his head and had a nasty blue bump, there was crying, there was the usual toddler drama. 10 minutes later he was playing again.

I had fresh root turmeric in my house, and, the powder. I grabbed some aloe vera gel, ghee and sandalwood powder–mixed it with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and cold pressed turmeric root in a cheese cloth. (Sva-rasa-Cold pressed juice)

It was only a few drops of turmeric root juice. Thats all we need anyway.

My secret ingredient and adjunct was Manjistha powder.

A few hours later the toddlers contusion disappeared. Yes, it diseappeared–no black and blue or purple. Nothing. Just a little bump. NOTHING!

This is the magic of Sandalwood, Turmeric and Manjistha. Even if we did not have anything–all we needed was Turmeric root powder and turmeric powder.

Important thing is we mix this TURMERIC ROOT JUICE (Svarasa) with aloe and/or ghee.

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